Keep Life Going

Think of some of the essentials in life such as heating, cooling and lights. How long could you go without? How about our daily necessities like cooking, laundry and the kid’s bath-time. Our lives run on electricity and unfortunately, our modern lifestyles are in ever-greater jeopardy. Power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer, with devastating effects. Protect your home and family with a Generac automatic whole-house standby generator and keep life going without disruption.

What are you missing without power?

Here are just a few inconveniences from the dreaded power outage.

  • Refrigeration/freezer for food and medicines • Furnace • Air conditioning • Lighting – inside and outside • Clean water for drinking and bathing • Sump pump • Kitchen appliances • Contact with the outside world; Internet, cell phone chargers, TV, radio and more • Washing and drying clothes • Security system • Garage door opener • Fans • Medical equipment •  Charging power tools for use during the emergency and post-outage cleanup •  Monetary loss from temporary relocation, hotel costs, dining out, property damage, etc.

How It Works

It’s simple, when your power goes out, your generator comes on automatically. That’s it! The generator system consists of a generator and transfer switch. Just like your HVAC system, the generator sits outside of your home. The transfer switch is located next to the main breaker box, and in some cases replaces it entirely. You can depend on your generator to back you up, hassle free.

In just one power outage, your generator could pay for itself in savings!

The following statistics are the national average for power outage costs incurred by homeowners:

Hotel stay per night:  $150.25
Food loss:  $200+
Basement flooding:  $20,890
$1,900 Cleaning
$15,870 Finished floor
$2,910 Wall insulation, drywall or paneling
$210 Repairs to furnace
$3,800 Mold removal